Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Best LES Art Time

Last Friday there was an art show involving a brotherhood of BYU Art Grads down on East Broadway, the location meant one thing:  Call up Andy, tell him to bundle up . . .

Cuz we're hitting the road.


And reunited with Jared.

Here's the deal: all these artists, they had been playing Dungeons & Dragons the past 6 months or so through video chat and creating art inspired by the campaign, this show was organized to showcase the art, bring the brotherhood together, and finish the game.  The name of their show, and the name of their party (I presume), was DOOMSLANGERS.

This animatronic skeleton was actually a piñata of sorts.  More on that at the end of the post . . .

This was a fun little short film about a Cloak of Invisibility.

And here's Jared's art, hidden away in a corner.  "Die, Kitty!" the name of this one.

Discovered a unicorn hidden behind that terrifying warrior.  Was that Warduke?  Possibly.

His Mighty Arm.


Gian ceramic'd up this grappling hook.

Casey Jex Smith was the mastermind behind this operation and his illustrations were just magnificent.  I especially liked this one.  A warrior, his stats, his belongings.  Just trying to make it in the world with just a 10 Constitution (but with an 18 Wisdom, I know he'll find a way.)

This large illustration, I spent a lot of time lost in it.  I did not take enough close up pictures.

But here, look.  A Beholder.

An empty character sheet.  The temptation of infinite possibilities.  Who will be birthed into the world of fantasy through this paper?

Alan explained to me that this Bear

Killed this warrior.

Leaving this Cursed Necklace for his elf to claim.

Elements of Mormonism turning up here and there.  After staring at the larger illustration for a while I realized that the iron rod ran through it leading to . . . oh no?  Had the Tree of Life been cut down?  Now that's a quest.

"Are you Santa Claus?"
"No, I'm a Fighter."

Costumes were encouraged.  On the right, I hear that fellow is an excellent DM, to the left his is son, the barbarian.  Alan as elf stands in the middle.

"Are you a wizard?"
"No, I'm Steve."

The evening concluded with a battle against the skeleton.

Dice were rolled to determine if the warriors would hit the monster, then blows were swung.  The skeleton launched a few lightning bolts and fire balls, a few warriors were lost.

But in the end, the party was victorious.  Yes, the monster had been stuffed full of spaghetti.

Blood on the floor,

Blood on the ceiling.

This is some Daniel Everett art.

And this is some art I made that night, down on the subway.

Just found this other cool Doomslanger website, it's one of my favorite works from the whole project.

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