Thursday, October 07, 2010

Best Chairs, Chairs All Around and Not a Spot for a Seat

Two Sundays ago I found myself over at Lincoln Center for a minute.  I observed a couple things I'd like to share with you.

First, the New York City Opera is promoting this season with a Kehinde Wilde painting?  What cool branding you've done for yourself.  Met, are you just going to stand for this?  What have you got?

Okay, well I guess one thing the Met has is its free outdoor seats to opening night.  It does have that.

A day early and everything's set up and ready to go.  I used counting and multiplication to figure out how many seats there were.  At least 2500, maybe 3000.

My numbers aren't precise not because of a multiplication error but for sloppiness in my counting of the front section seats.

Just to the side of all this a great big line of would-be Das Rheingold ticketholders had already assembled.  I'm pretty impressed by the Met's efforts to be accessible to the public . . . outdoor broadcasts, rush tickets, family circle seats, amazing student bargains, opera is available for you over here in New York City if you want it.

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sarah said...

I'd like to be in one of the orange seats.