Thursday, April 08, 2010

Best I Hate to Have to Say it, But . . .

This taco truck has no game.

Found at Lexington and 86th, I ate there once nearly two years ago, had a taco al pastor, it was nothing worth eating. Ate here tonight, tried a carne asada taco and a chorizo taco, also absolute non-events.

WAIT . . . hold on! I can't believe it, I've already blogged about this taco truck being so so-so. (You're looking for Item #4 and, sigh, I'm depressed to see how much nicer my D-Lux2 Taco Truck picture looks than this S20 one. Canon, why does your camera just always want to go mad high ISO all the time?)

In the world of taco eating, two strikes are way more than enough to be out, but tonight a friend was gushing about the carnitas taco she had just had from . . . this very truck? Maybe I'll try again in 2011.

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