Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Best Epitaph

Lunching one afternoon in the cemetary at Trinity Church (I wasn't the only one) I admired the headstones for a bit. Back in the 18th Century, they could really write you an epitaph. Consider this one, for starters:
Here lies the Body of Mr. William Bradford

Printer, who departed this life May 23, 1752, aged 92 Years: He was born in Leicestershire, in Old England, in 1660 and came over to America in 1682, before the City of Philadelphia was liad out. He was Printer to this Government for upwards of 50 Years and being quite worn out with Old age and labour he left this mortal state in the lively Hopes of a blessed Immortality.

Reader, reflect how soon you'll quit this Stage. You'll find but few atain such an Age. Life's full of Pain. Lo here's a Place of Rest. Prepare to meet your GOD then you are blest.

Age: 90. Cause of Death: Quite worn out with Old age and labour.


Bek said...

uh, isn't it just epitaph? no t at the end?

Joe said...

Man, they really liked to rub your nose in it when they died back then.