Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Best Decorating Choice

Sometime this week, Ma Peche, the 5th Momofuku restaurant, will begin serving lunch in its surprisingly-bright subterranean dining room at the Chambers hotel in midtown.

Do you see what I see, over in the corner?

Talk about your serious art coups.

I've eaten Ma Peche in the Chambers Hotel lobby once, back in December. The more I think about it, the less memorable that meal becomes. Very average. And while nothing really jumps out at me from the Ma Peche lunch menu, I believe in Tien Ho (former head chef at Ssam Bar, many of my Momofuku favorites [such as the brussels sprouts] were his invention . . . Ma Peche, as I understand, is essentially his) and hope I'm just a lucky visit away from swearing by a few of the dishes (the roasted pork chop for two, perhaps?).

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