Monday, April 19, 2010

Best Goes Around, Comes Around

Well, as you probably noticed, last week I had a rare case of the "Don't Wanna Blog"s, not that I was without content.

For example, last Friday (the 9th, not the 16th) Chateau invited me to join in on a Momofuku Fried Chicken Dinner. This would be my fourth. I'm a lucky guy, when it comes to fried chicken opportunities.

I sat across from Whitney and Nick.

We started off with a plate of the fried potatoes and poached egg, which goes fast, as you can see here:

Once the veggies arrived we started getting silly:

Lettuce beard on Chateau, Hyeku and Casey in the background.

I feel like the baby carrots are a little pickled now? There have definitely been some changes to the veggie basket, it only has mint now (there used to be a lot more herbs in there) and they don't serve shiso peppers with it anymore. Bummer.

And then . . . CHICKEN!

Once the chicken arrives, fingers get sticky and less photos are taken. But what a time. Thanks for the invite, Chateau. Oh, and right there on the side, that's Casey's sister. Uh, Alyssomething.

One more thing worth noting we had an 11:45pm reservation. This was a great midnight meal.

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