Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Best Night on the Town

Monday it was Collin's birthday...

...and to celebrate we all headed up to East Harlem to pay a visit to La Casa de Los tacos. We were quite the crowd and, as Collin is well-loved by the friendly people of la Casa, he was served a special birthday burrito before anyone even ordered (or go their water, which was sort of a problem the whole night)

Look at this big turn out! We overran that poor place! They were so busy forgetting what food we ordered that they completely forgot to bring us water! Or glasses! For the most part! Not that I mean to complain, because it was a great time up there.

Remember how I said Collin was well-loved by the friendly people of la Casa? It wasn't a lie. Here he is with his cuñado...

And here he is with Patty, la Casa's security guard.

After dinner we took the M15 (local. ugh.) down to Emily's house for cake and ice cream and whatnot. Look at all the well-wishers wishing him well...(except for Lisa who, apparently, was furious with him)

The poor fellow was getting all bashful.

But could still show those candle whatfor.

And that was Collin's birthday. Too bad you missed it!


Cindy said...

Why does no one tell me about these things in advance. I have a job and little responsibility and could easily fly out to New York.

JayMoo and Stephoin said...

too bad indeed.

Collin Mapp said...

Brigham, you honor my birth. Now, I honor you.