Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Californians are Creatures of the Night: The Conclusion

Sunday! Major surprise: Californians in sunlight! Turns out Broek and Claire are Daywalkers.

Here I explain that my camera is manually focused with the thumb and forefinger.

After church we hit the High Line, this time I saw the whole thing.

Just because you're on an old elevated traintrack doesn't mean you have to do without smoothies or cupcakes. (but these guys only sold smoothies, not cupcakes)

Someone nearby loudly explained: "That's the Carnival Miracle! (or Dream?)" New York offers thrills to every side for at least someone.

Thoughts turn to tacos (click photo to understand why I said this). Turns out that even though we live on opposite coasts we aren't so different. Oh, wait. I forgot. I'm pretty much a Californian too, resident of Alhambra from age 2 to 8.

Emerald City.

I worked on my daylight candid stranger photography.

Amigas! Amigas para siempre!

Busted! Three people looking right at me!

Checking the score of the big game, I presume.

Descending to streetlevel, we investigated the Standard Hotel scene.

Broek y Yo, gracias a Claire.

And, easing our way East, checked out my old buddy Adam Bateman's little solo show.

And that's what I've got to show for that weekend. Well, that and a bedroom full of boxes I'm still meaning to unpack.

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Gwendolyn said...

Hey, is that the new park/promenade where people congregate to check out the naked Standarders (,0,1160285.story)?? Points for catching people watching YOU in such a place.