Friday, September 11, 2009

Best Hollywood, I Thought of this First: Week II

Michael Jackson is exhausted. He's just tired of everything, he doesn't want to do his reunion show, he doesn't want his life to be a circus anymore. He fakes his death and moves into a little motel room near the airport. He dons disguises and tries to make a living with a variety of jobs (leaf blower, bus boy, oral surgeon, etc.) but nothing takes and he can't make ends meet. So, with a mood of slight resignment, he puts on a sparkly coat and gets a little boom box and begins a life as a Michael Jackson impersonator.

If this movie is a short film, then his decision to become a Michael Jackson impersonator is the final scene and the camera pulls back into infinity as he begins to dance for passersby. If this film is long, or a trilogy, his decision to become a Michael Jackson impersonator is just the beginning of a lengthy tale of his second rise to fame and his eventual faking of a second death.

This movie is probably called "MJ Forever."


laura said...

brilliant idea! also, i love that you changed your blog back to black. the white totally threw me off.

Anonymous said...

Seriously best.

Bek said...

you're genius disgusts me.