Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Best It's a Family Holiday

UPDATE: Look! A picture! I told you today was a big deal!

9/9/9 is a big day for my family because it's a big day for my Mom, just like 8/8/8 was a big day and 7/7/7 and 6/6/6 and, well, all the straight across number days. They're properly celebrated with a chocolate cake with white frosting that has had the date written across it in blue frosting. That's how it's done.

Of historical importance: On 9/9/99 Sega released the Dreamcast game console. It would be very hard for me to decide which is my favorite console ever, the Genesis or Dreamcast. But I sure loved my Dreamcast, I didn't get one until the fall of 00, but nonstop Jet Grind Radio, Street Fighter III: Double Impact (which I prefered to Third Strike for some reason), Marvel vs. Capcom 2, and Skies of Arcadia sessions helped me through a year spent sick at home. IGN has a very lengthy look at the history of the Dreamcast here.

And today, 9/9/9, Leica is announcing their new M9 camera (and a few other cameras, I hear). The totally excellent M8 came out three years ago, I wanted one with so much curiosity so badly until 7/14/09 when I got a great deal on one from a guy who never took a single picture with his--so the release of the uncompromisingly awesome M9 isn't as big a bummer as, say, the release of the 2nd Edition of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons right after I finally bought all the 1st Edition rule books because I have no business even owning an M8. Still, we'll see, maybe in 2012 I'll be in the market. (Also, the new X1 strikes me as totally sick and definitely the camera that should have been available when I needed one at the end of 2005)

Wouldn't this post benefit from some pictures? Sorry.


Owen said...

I like how you posted this at 9:09.

Mom said...

09:09 on 09-09-09
That is so numerically awesome.

Anonymous said...

also the movie nine is released today... you should go check it out, to celebrate the day

Tannerama said...

I will play MvC2 tonight on my xbox to commemorate the holiday.

Brigham said...

Everyone: Let's go to Tanner's house. It's going to be sweet.