Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Best From The Archives

Last week I posted pictures from the Farewell to 33 Gold Party. Did a little hard drive digging over the weekend and I found these, the two pictures taken at the 33 Gold House Warming in Oct. '04.

The first is of me demonstrating the headroom available in the apartment's upstairs shower.

And this one is of OG 33 Gold Tenant Jon with Lauren.

A super short jaunt down memory lane is better than no jaunt, right?

Don't let the pictures fool you, this party was a rager. In fact, that's why I barely have any pictures. I was too busy raging.


Lauren said...

Oh, grody. I have to visit New York soon, so you can post a better, more recent photo of me.

Side of Jeffrey said...

I don't think I owned a camera yet, otherwise I would dig in to my hard drive for pictures as well. I bought my camera a few months later at J&R World.