Friday, September 04, 2009

Best Hollywood, I Thought of this First

Premise for a movie:

Our hero has found his girl, his one true love*. He is headed to have a romantic dinner with her, perhaps to propose marriage. On the way to dinner, a coconut** falls from a tree and delivers a terrible blow to his cranium (**doesn't necessarily have to be a coconut, any setting-appropriate*** strong blow to the skull will do [***And I stress "setting-appropriate", for this story to be believable there can't be coconuts dropping along Park Avenue but also a piano can't fall on him along Park Avenue, that would kill him. He is not to be killed, just injured]) Anyway, as I was saying, our hero is on his way to this important romantic dinner and gets hit on the head real hard and do you know what happens to him? He his momentarily stunned, dazed even, a little disoriented, and when he comes to he has . . . A TERRIBLE HEADACHE! It nearly ruins the dinner.

*If there are too many romantic comedies being made when this goes into production we can substitute a business dinner with an important client for romantic dinner with one true love.


Lauren said...

How very postmodern. :)

Brigham said...


Yes, this would fall under my not-yet published definition of postmodernism.

Very good.