Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Best This is Not a Spoiler, It is a Prediction

Friday Night Lights returns 10/28. I have a prediction to make: Grandma Saracen will DIE in the first half of the season.

The reasoning for my prediction: Matt Saracen chose last season to stay in Dillon with his grandma instead of leaving for college. But according to common FNL knowledge (I won't bother linking to anything) he's only going to be on the show for the first half of the season or so. So that means Saracen is leaving afterall. And how could he leave if he had decided to stay and take care of his grandma? He could only leave if she DIED.
You read it here first!


merebuff said...

Gonna have to agree with that prediction

Marcilyn said...

Saracen is leaving? That is sad news. Riggins better be around for a while.