Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Best Unexpectedness.

There's going to be a Street Fighter 4. This is the gameplay-less teaser:

I must admit I was beginning to think (not that I think about Capcom fighting games as much as I used to) that this day would never come...meaning the day when it is known that there will be another real Street Fighter game. Now I look forward to when that new Street Fighter game comes out. Considering the advances in graphics and processor power and whatnot since the release of Street Fighter III (back in '97. 1997!!--and it still looks pretty amazing) this game could be really gorgeous and really awesome. PLEASE no 3D. Please please please please please. Not even 3D modeled characters. Maybe 3D backgrounds like in the Marvel vs. Capcom games, maybe.

There's supposed to be a "Capcom Event" on Friday, I assume it must be the announcement of something official regarding this game.

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Tannerama said...

I agree with you 100% on the no 3D. I mean the trailer is cool. But, for the game itself. It needs to be high def sprites like in Guilty Gear.