Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Best Wishes to You, Dear Favorite Restaurants

Congratulations to Dressler and Peter Luger on their Michilen Stars!

Remember when I went to Dressler?
Remember when I went to Peter Luger?

Sort of funny how they're across the street from each other. Not bad for a block in Williamsburg.

It's nice to know what one Michilen star tastes like. I think I would like to move on to two stars soon. Masa? Gordon Ramsay?

Oh, and the Spotted Pig got a star. I've been there. And Gotham Bar & Grill, I almost went there. But I'm not excited about their stars. I'm excited that Dressler, which I laud and recommend whenever I can, has received this honor and I'm also glad that a rugged yet famous steak house doesn't get overlooked by the big snobs because, holy cow, I still taste the bacon from 18 months ago.

Some Links:

What, exactly, is a Michelin Star, Brigham? And why should I care?

NY Times reports who got stars in New York this year.

Frank Bruni opines on the selections.


M said...

interesting. and timely. i just made a reservation at daniel today. but now i may decide to change it to jean-georges instead. although personally, i didn't care for vong or spice market. so maybe i'll take my chances with boulud despite the 2-star rating.

btw, gotham really is excellent and very deserving of praise. but i'm not a fan of peter lugers myself. their steaks taste too much like charcoal.

Brig said...

Best charcoal I ever had.