Monday, October 08, 2007

Best Things I Did and Things I Ate in Los Angeles, pt.2

I bet you were worried I forgot I had a blog. No, didn't forget. Let me prove it. Let me show you more tacos.

Ok, it pains me to say it, but the Monday of two weeks ago (I suppose I have fallen behind) I was still in California and still furiously hungry for tacos. In California there's this Mom and Pop chain called "King Taco" bent on bringing a proper taco-cart experience to the masses and fortunately for me they're so interested in this mission that they have an outpost in Pasadena.

While I assure you I could have eaten all of this on my own, I was actually there with Grandma. I had heard tell of King Taco's ferocious red salsa, but really didn't expect it to be all that tough. Was I wrong. Definitely the meanest taco salsa I've ever encountered that came standard with a meal. I love King Taco for keeping the taco experience totally street despite it's many outlets throughout Southern California. No sacrifice of authenticity or flavor, quite commendable. Also, and this is so important for a proper taco experience, the food was all dirt cheap. Even the plate of taquitos in the background cost barely any money (and it included guacamole!)

Hey, remember Guitar Hero? (The 12th Street Guitar Hero Fanciers' Association isn't dead, just sleeping, by the way) The Santa Monica ward had a big FHE Monday night featuring a cultural hall full of Guitar Hero stations. How magnificent. And I finally got to square-off against Tanner and ran into many a fond California acquaintance as well.

There was a discussion on how to best pose for a figure drawing pose and this is the pose Tanner and Keith decided they preferred.

Tuesday was Tortilla Soup day at Houston's, but it was also "Weird Camera Malfunction Day" but I was able to get a picture of my sushi salad. I know, it's weird. I went to Houston's and got sushi. I won't bore you with the decision-making process that got me there, but everything is great at Houston's, so why not try the sushi? No regrets. None at all.

Wednesday evening I went to the Los Angeles temple because I love how enormous it is and like to imagine what it'd be like there on a busy day. While there I discovered (hidden in plain view) the Fire Inspector's Certificate in the Celestial Room restricting that space to a maximum occupancy of 475. I think they manage to stay pretty far away from that cliff's edge.

Also, Wednesday night (after a little Twin Peaks watching) I went back to El Super Taco on Santa Monica and (as I mentioned previously) ate a torta (a torta de tinga de pollo, to be precise) that was the single most delicious torta I've ever eaten outside of Mexico. It was so delicious that I started to panic, started to worry. Why was this meal so delicious? Was something wrong? Was I in trouble? Could you taste what I tasted, you'd know what I was trying to get at here. (No picture b/c too sacred)

Thursday. A visit to Tacos Por Favor on the westside with Broek and Jared (creator of the Hamster Fighting Machine).

Looking at these pictures again, I start to hate California a little for being too tricky to get to for lunch.

Tacos Por Favor: "We make healthy Mexican food that just taste great." Indeed.

And finally, that night I went with Grandma to the Claim Jumper and ordered some asparagus with a side of tri-tip.

And then, the next day, I went back to New York and I have remained here ever since. I do not kid.

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