Monday, May 09, 2005

Second-Best Month Ever?

As this is the sort of thing I'm really into, here's what last month's Steady Mobbin' traffic looked like:

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As you can see, by the slight crookedness of the line, it looks like I had maybe 2 fewer visits in April than in March. Two straight months of roughly 1050 hits? I'm not going to complain about that.

But it's worth pointing out that April was on the way to absolutely demolish March for the first three weeks of the month . . . but then, Steady Mobbin' went totally out of style:

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So, of course, I was momentarily concerned that no one would ever come to again (because, you know, average daily hits in the 30's is absolutely unacceptable, right?) but look at what happened in the first week of May (for best effect, please ignore the tapering off at the end of the week):

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Don't worry. I'm only going to force charts and graphs on you once a month.

Last Month's Charts and Graphs. Click.


Anonymous said...

I only log on to read about your adventures with the very hot Amber and the deliciously talented hot and spicy Ashley... Those Diva's rock dude!

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,
I enjoy your blog very much. I promise to make several hits a day (and therefore helping your graphs) if YOU promise to invlude more photos of Rebekah T.

Kind Regards,
Intelligent Reader

Brig said...

Intelligent Reader,

So far, Steady Mobbin' has featured every single photograph I have of Rebekah Tie . . . uh, Rebekah Thai . . ., uhm, you know who I'm talking about. Please see:

Also, if you ever come across photos of Ms. RT engaged in a sisterly hip-hop dance-off (which, perhaps, hasn't even occurred yet) Steady Mobbin' might benefit greatly from their contribution.