Friday, May 27, 2005

Best Late Night Craving

I had a really healthy workday yesterday, I was at the office righting wrongs until 7:30 and I was so hungry when I left. Sometimes I get too hungry to have any idea as to what I want to eat, but this time I knew exactly what I needed, I needed Taco Bell. That's all there was to it.

I've got a good tradition of having pictures of Mike and I eating Mexican fast-food together (search for those posts yourself, I'm too full of tacos right now to do it myself), so why stop now, right?

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I really wanted to order something I don't usually have, so I got the Mexican Pizza along with my tacos. It isn't nearly as wild as the pizzas I had in Mexico (the country where hot dogs are as legitimate a meat as beef and chicken for cooking purposes) but it switched things up and kept the meal exciting. While I didn't exactly spend $2,000 , I did get a lot to eat (especially after I helped Mike finish his nachos) and regreted it for the rest of the night. Ah, sweet sweet Taco Bell regret.

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ian said...

In Panama, they sometimes put iguana on pizza. I'm told it's quite good.

In Soviet Russia, pizza puts toppings on you.

Anonymous said...


In this picture, you look so handsome and healthy. Is it your radiant joy for taco bell food, or is it just the overhead lighting?