Friday, May 27, 2005

Best Bad News That Will Make a Good Post Later

UPDATE!! I have a new phone now with the same number as before. Also, I hate my new phone. Also, if I ever had your number before, I don't have it now.

Hey, if you're someone who is in the habit of calling me on the phone, please be advised that my cell phone was stolen tonight at a McDonalds in Harlem. By the end of the weekend the chain of events that lead me to be at that particular McDonalds, the stealing of the phone, and the events that followed will be funny enough to me to merit being posted, but for now, I'm mostly a little mad. Ok, ok, things are already starting to seem funny to me, today since 3:30 PM was just ridiculous. Anyway, I hope to get a new phone tomorrow, until then, I can only be communicated with through a variety of internet ways. Also, if you got any really mean text messages from me after 6:45 PM today, that wasn't me, it was the guy that stole the phone. But if you got any really mean text messages from me before 6:45 PM then, yeah, that was me.

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jared said...

when do we get to hear the story?