Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Best Good Olde Times They Are Not a-Changin'

All last week I was so excited to go to the Medieval Festival at Fort Tryon Park for the second year in a row. But when I got there Sunday morning I was surprised to find that it was EXACTLY THE SAME as last year. The same booths were in all the same spots and I saw a LOT of the same people in the same costumes. I mean consistency is great, I suppose. But now I know: The Medieval Festival at Fort Tryon Park  is something you can go to every couple of years.

I have reason to believe that this man is a Gothamist photographer. 

This is a blacksmith hollering for some water.

Teaching kids Dark Arts.

The Medieval Festival pushes the boundaries of what might be medieval...apparently the time frame now includes cavemen.

These were like the cool kids of the Festival. They hung out on a hill all day where everyone passing by could look up and admire them.

Pickle Monks?

It was really hot and sunny and hard on our armor guys.

Kinda funny, right?

Although the program suggests otherwise, it seems like there is always river dancing on the main stage. (2013)

While taking this photo a passerby said "Look at that lizard down there!" Lizard? Don't you know where you are, passerby?!

I think this kid is supposed to be Prince John from Robin Hood? If so: Best costume of the festival! If not: Then who are you supposed to be, a monkey?

Oh look, it's the lizards.

I was on the subway to the Festival with this Fez guy.

If you leave the Medieval Festival not having heard a half-dozen times that a Peregrine Falcon can dive at up to 200 mph then I don't know if you were at the Medieval Festival.

Wait! Is that George RR Martin?

I didn't mean to be too hard on the Medieval Festival. It's a fun thing to see. You should go. Let me know if it's different next year.

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