Thursday, October 10, 2013

Best Good Olde Time

A week ago Sunday I treated myself right and finally went to the annual Medieval Festival in the shadow of the Cloisters at Fort Tryon park. It was, as expected, a magnificent gathering of enthusiasts and spectators. Behold, a portion of the wonder:

The elevators at the 191st Street Station was absolutely packed with people headed to the festival and disgruntled locals.

(This wasn't my fault)

(This was a thing: Kind of creepy ladies singing songs to children)

(This guy had a bunch of hawks and falcons, but there's only one in this photo. Also, this guy would probably explain to me now the difference between "hawks" and "falcons", or tell me they are the same)

(See! Another kind of creepy lady singing to children)

(Dancing drew a crowd)

(From my other series, "Children Playing DS at the Medieval Fest")

(This girl had a map of Middle Earth TATTOOED onto the BACK OF HER HEAD)

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Mitch said...

I was going to say the man with the tattooed head, white collared shirt and ear piece was my favorite picture. But there are so many good ones to choose from!