Friday, September 05, 2014

Best Eats of August

Here's some of the finer foods I ate last month.

Went out to the Meat Hook Sandwich Shop in Williamsburg with Cher one afternoon. This is the sort of place that punishes you with an abundance of items you'll want to try. In this visit we had the Hot Chicken sandwich (I'd call it a Medium-hot at the hottest on the Prince's scale, but it was nice and crispy) and the super-solid, real good Roast Beef sandwich.

Heather was in town and there were a lot of eating opportunities, one evening Allison had us eating Prosperity Dumplings curbside before I took everyone into this basement noodle shop whose name I do not know a block down the street for sesame noodles.

One Tuesday I went with Kim to the Mission Chinese pop-up at Prime Meats because she was curious and because I missed that food. You pay cash at the door and then they bring out plate after plate of their old greatest hits and a few new inventions. I totally forgot to take a picture of the room, which was a mistake, but here's all the food:

Started with two pickle plates

Red cabbage and buckwheat salad with, I don't know, maybe a miso dressing? (I was eating, not taking notes)

Ramen noodles in peanut butter sauce. New to me and dope.

The spicy-in-an-other-worldly-way-you-cannot-understand-unless-you've-eaten-them-yourself Chong Qing Chicken Wings, which have nearly ruined (or actually ruined) the meals of three out of five of my Mission Chinese dining companions over the years. Once I ate an entire full-sized order of these. I don't know how.

Ma Po Tofu (significantly toned down, spice-wise, since the first time I had it) and Salt Cod Fried Rice.

Salad with walnuts and oyster sauce dressing. (Might not have been an oyster sauce dressing, actually, but that's how I remember it).

Bacon and Rice Cakes! Bacon and Rice Cakes!

Kung Pao Pastrami.

Then a couple days later Pearl and I went to the Momofuku Noodle Bar for their 10th Anniversary Throwback Menu where we got to eat things that are in the cookbook but haven't been served at the restaurant for years.

Getting the shot.

Tomatoes and Tofu.

Corn and Bacon in Miso Butter.

The Original Shrimp and Grits.

Chicken and Egg.

And then there was a Thursday where I went with Patricia to Totonno's in Coney Island for the pizza that many respectable pizza fans call the best in the city. 

How about desserts?

Here's a Chocolate Half-Merlin Twist from Mister Softee.

The Ice Cream Cake at Parm

Finally tried the 20 for a Dollar mini-cakes of Chinatown.

And the late-arrival of actual summer heat has had me buying a good number of midnight Slurpees on my way home.

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sarah said...

I have not succeeded in making a peanut sauce for noodles yet.