Friday, May 02, 2014

Best Little Post About My Nice Birthday

So Wednesday was my birthday. And if you live in New York, you might remember that it was real, real rainy Wednesday. No problem. No problem at all. I woke up thinking I'd just watch all the Star Wars movies...and then I discovered I only had Attack of the Clones?! But a little more searching and I found my copy of the original trilogy, so I popped in A New Hope and had a real nice time.

I also opened all the birthday cards I had gotten up to that point. All three had cats on them! Awww, what family I have.

About halfway into A New Hope I was getting hungry, so I went out and grabbed some lunch. First I had this Ancho chili tagliatelle with pork shoulder in pork gravy at the Noodle Bar.

And then I popped over to Han Dynasty for Chong Qing chicken because I was nearby and I love Chong Qing chicken. I asked them to make it extra, extra spicy. But they didn't.

And THEN I got a haircut!

And then I came home an finished Star Wars. I started Empire Strikes Back, but about 20 minutes into it I felt sufficiently Star Wars'd for the day, so I turned it off.

A few hours later I started partying. First I grabbed a little X'ian Famous Foods with Alpha and then she bought me my first boba. The Star Wars joke I made was calling this little party a "Boba Fete."

And then I traveled up to La Cabaña to meet with the hearty souls that dared head to 117th and 1st Ave in the driving rain. I'm telling you it was coming down so hard up there! 

Candle crayons and a plate of guacamole are the mother of invention.

Thrilled beyond words!

Among my guests: Jesse and Brenda (aw shoot I should have posted Jesse's taco card she made me!)

Charles (my new roommate, if you hadn't heard), Jeff, Broek, Renee and Kim.

Lisa. That is not her carnitas. It is Ashley's carnitas. Things always need a little straightening out at La Cabaña but it's okay because it's the best there. AND suddenly they make the most ridiculous carnitas. I've had their carnitas before and they were fine, but now I feel like their chef went "You know what, let's make the best carnitas up in these parts." So now they do.

I felt traditional, so I had a bunch of tacos. These are just a few of them.

Also there: Ashley (she had the carnitas, like I said), Emily and Lyndi. Lyndi drew me a great card. Shoot! I should have posted it, too. Listen! Making a blog post about your birthday is a lot of hard work! Things slip through the cracks! 

Additional photos of friendliness. Can already tell it's a real good thing that Renee is in New York now.

Taco wreckage.

Wreckage, cont'd (with trough).

And that's what I've got to show. I had a great day. Birthdays, you know, you just spend the whole thing feeling a little special. It's not so bad. Thanks for all the texts, calls, Facebook posts, cards and promises of future meals and treats! See you next year! (birthdaywise, I mean. I'll keep posting here even when it's not my birthday)

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sarah said...

I like your birthday haircut.