Friday, May 09, 2014

Best I Went to Texas!

Last week I flew over a whole lot of this,

To get to this,

Beautiful Lubbock, Texas!

But I didn't need a taxi or a limo.

Because I was there to visit Andrew!

Lubbock roads.

First things first, we went to Andrew's house where he lives.

And he whipped me up three tacos while we waited for an inspector of something, because Andrew has sold his house. Because he is leaving Lubbock. And that's why I was in Lubbock: to check it out before it was too late.

Once we had that house stuff straightened out, it was right over to the mall with us to visit Corn Dog Heaven.

How'd their corn dog stack up?

One of the finest I've ever had. Highly Instagrammable.

Then we also grabbed some taco's at a place called Abuelo's. And we were going to see Amazing Spider-Man 2 but didn't like the seating possibilities at the Draft House that night. So we did NOT watch it.

Sunday morning, woke up grouchy looking.

Went to a little Texas church.

Ate Sunday nachos,

And then Andrew took me to check out a place that would turn out to be very important to me and my trip,

Prairie Dog Town!

Monday breakfast: French toast.

Andrew had a little business to take care of at Wal Mart. I checked out the swimwear. Turns out I was in the "boys" section (as opposed to "Mens").

We saw a waterpark in the distance, so we went over to investigate.

Seems they weren't quite ready for the summer. But also not in the business of keeping the park locked . . . well, not only was it not locked up, the gate was left wide open.

We weren't quite ready for the timer.

Next we shed shopped,

Then ate at one of those Brazilian meat sword restaurants. Probably the best of its kind I've ever been to. Oh, and it was Cinco de Mayo. So we were celebrating after our own manner. 

That night we saw Amazing Spider-Man 2 at the local Alamo Drafthouse. Movie was fine. I liked it, in fact. But I'd long wanted to visit an Alamo and let me tell you they're great. This is the way to see a movie.

After the film, I visited Texas Tech campus to make a charitable donation.

And then the next morning I visited it again to get a better look at it. A lighter look.

English Department building.

We had lunch at a Texas taco place called Torchy's.

They served tacos like these:

Back on campus with Will Rogers.

And sculptures by this guy.

Andrew was there to administer his final exams. I took the test twice. I feel I did well both times.

Texas Tech.

Then we went to Corn Dog Heaven again because it's worth at least two visits.

And then we drove out to a place called Ransom Canyon

They have crazy houses over there.

I was intrigued by this giant chateau-looking place sticking out in the middle of the lake.

And then we went back to Lubbock and back to Prairie Dog Town because it's worth at least two visits, too.

Dinner at Lubbock's brand new Steak n Shake.

Everyone in Lubbock is real nice.

Next morning, important business at the Lowe's.

Andrew needed a new shed, which I hinted at earlier.

That's Andrew's house.

My final meal: Tom and Bingo's for chopped brisket sandwiches. Here I am indicating that it's Number One before I even ate at it.

And here I am learning that it is indeed Number One. Holy smokes. Had to order a second sandwich before I could bear to leave.

Andrew and the hickory.

And then, one more trip to Prairie Dog Town, because if you're going to visit it twice, you better visit it three times.

Did you know: It seems to be ok to feed the prairie dogs? Like, there's a sign prohibiting a lot of different things, but feeding the guys is NOT one of the things you're not supposed to do? So, I don't know, maybe some friendships were improved thanks to Wheat Thins.

Family portrait.

And then it was back to the airport with me.

And off and into the air once more, with nothing but good things to say about the fine county of Lubbock. Consider me an goodwill ambassador on its behalf from here on out.

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