Monday, April 28, 2014

Best Amsterdam and Czech Republic Minutia

While I take forever to process all my photos that I shot in RAW, I present you with another load of pictures from my little camera. These of things that caught my eye or I have something to say about.

At the Amsterdam airport there were these three dudes taking a TON of pictures in front of this picture. It had something to do with the model. I think these dudes were having the best vacation ever.

First time I was at the Amsterdam airport there was sign calling this the World's Biggest Burger King. I don't know what dethroned it.

My train into the city's name was Mario.

Last time I was in Amsterdam there was an old bicycle rusting on this platform. Glad to see that it got cleaned up. But also, a little sad to see it was gone.

There's some joke here to be made, something about going to the other McDonalds that has the full menu AND a toilet. I'll let you know if I figure out what the joke is.

I'd eat a Zingerburger. I definitely would.

Camera bewaking so stop goofin off.

That's a happy looking bag full of dog poo.

In America this cereal is called "Krave" and if you want to know what I think of that, take a look at the picture above.

Ok. Maybe oddest thing I saw on my trip: Canned "original American recipe" hot dogs. I shook one of these cans and it felt weird.

My automobile heritage.

Yes. Once. By Ace.

I smelled this place before I saw it. Way to ruin Europe, Mr. Fitch.

Now we're in Prague, a popular destination for weekending citizens of other European countries.

Turns out this isn't a haunted house.

"Smelly Fingers of Ugly Joe" for our vegetarian friends. "Toasts of our ghosts" has a nice ring to it, too.

Up in the attic of that synagogue is where the golem sleeps. And that's pretty cool.

Here's Kafka.

This isn't a Filet o Fish. It's a deep-fried patty of cheese. 

Chicken armor.

Not Abraham Lincoln. Verdi. A potentially embarrassing moment for me at the Opera House.

I bought both the Grilled Bacon Lays and the STRONG Chili and Lime Lays and they both lasted me nearly the whole trip.

This portrait, doesn't it look like a modern photo made old-timey? But I think it's actually an old-timey photo.

On our tour of the castle where Jeff and Noelle would be married this is the one picture I took before they told us photos weren't allowed in that part of the castle. Great castle, though.

At the castle Jeff and I shared a room in a tower. Ground floor, but tower nonetheless.

There was this time where Ryan drove Noelle to her van.

And a really small elevator at the castle.

Either you recognize a plate of European buffet breakfast right away or you don't. 

All the Americans thought this was an odd sign to have outside the wedding chapel.

Wedding Chapel selfie happening.

At the wedding lunch, a topic of conversation: What's the deal with these portraits?

And then my question: What's the deal with this cartoon mole? He was everywhere. The people loved him.

Dragon gutter spout.

On our hike through trees and rocks it wasn't hard to get Ryan to explore.

In the city center: A melding of North and South American native cultures.

I was tricked into buying smoked street ham and it was garbage.

But something we did dig were the Czech churros.

Fun elephant, right?

Fun shark, right?


Turns out he was a jerk.

In New York we have Bodega Cats. In Prague they have Restaurant Puppies.

On my flight home KLM gave me a surprisingly delicious little cheese sandwich.

Ok, that's wha tI had to say today.

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