Saturday, May 31, 2014

Best Guess Who's Ten?

A decade ago today I launched the best blog in the world, and ten years later here it still is, still getting posted on, still being read . . . maybe not drawing as much of a crowd as blogs sort of peaked in '06/07, but here we still are!

Now naturally I was hoping to commemorate this landmark blogging achievement with something really exciting. In fact, I had considered ENDING this blog on this, its tenth anniversary . . . not ending blogging, just quitting blogger because, let's be real, it's not the best and it does not look like the year 2014 over here. I even checked out a few other blogging platforms, and almost found an alternate that I liked in, you can check out a test post I posted there here. My issues with it were, while it's very nice looking, you can't leave comments and you can't change the typeface or layout. So while it might look nice over there, if you visit a few other exposure blogs, you'll see that they all match. Kind of a bummer. Oh, and I've also thought about going full tumblr, too, but just can't commit. See? (if you scroll through my tumblr for a while it'll stop being the same pictures I posted on exposure).

Oh, and if you didn't put it together, these are pictures from when I was 10. If this blog were a person, that's what it would look like. But with pictures and words stuck all over it.

And here's a link to my first post, where I report on eating at Benny's Burritos and saw Victor Garber there. He was actually with either his boyfriend or a date, but I was too nervous to out him. I think I even put it in the comments but deleted it. TMZ would do that years later.

All right, thanks for stopping by. Please keep coming back and I'll try to keep being cool.


Mom said...

Happy Birthday Briggie Blog. You're still the best. Love, MOM

Sally Morrison said...

Happy Birthday to Brig's Blog! I even remember when YOU were 10. Sheesh...

Paul said...

What a great blog