Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Best Remembering Memorial Day

This Memorial Day weekend I went to two places I had never been before. What a weekend!

On the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend I fulfilled a lifelong (or year long) dream of visiting Shady Glen out in Connecticut.

But don't think it was easy and uneventful getting there! Turns out Kim's battery needed a jump before we could go. But thankfully Ian was available for a swift and effective jumping. After that, it was easy and uneventful getting there.

We arrived to find Shady Glen the dream I had dreamt it would be.

Before you even sit down they're already pouring you a water! And I asked them to make me a mint chocolate chip milkshake with a shot of chocolate syrup and they were like "No problem." AND you get to keep the whole cup. This is how things are supposed to be, America!

And here's the reason I wanted to go there so badly: The Shady Glen Cheeseburger. Are you wondering what all that orange stuff to the side of the burger is? THAT'S THE CHEESE! They put all this cheese onto the burger that overlaps onto the grill and it cooks up into something crisp and amazing. I got my cheeseburger with the nice cole slaw and some super crinkle cut fries. Take note, Shake Shack: Americans still love crinkle cut fries!

Note: The burger itself is not gigantic, it is a little on the humble side, but with the soft bun and crispy cheese it adds up to something real nice. Plan ahead properly and maybe get two?

One more treasure from this trove of treasures: Their mural of elves and sprites enjoying Shady Glen treats.

I really identify with this guy.

Menu. You can also get a hot dog with a giant cheese crips, too. I saw it myself!

Goodbye, Shady Glen! I'll love you forever.

Then, on Memorial Day, I went with Jeff to his ward's Memorial Day cookout at the Midwood Chapel. I've never been to Midwood! It's like normal America with houses and everything out there.

Oh man. Cookouts. Cookouts forever. All churches, everywhere, all denominations, should always be having cookouts on holidays. Please. Always. Everyone.

Cookout food! So many great potluck options, plus your trusty hamburgers and hotdogs.

Kid on the left kept asking Ben if he would go battle with him.

I snuck inside to have a look at this nice old building. For a long, long time this was the only LDS church in Brooklyn. It had that nice old church look and feel, big time.

Here's Jeff. Before the cookout we had seen X-Men Days of Future Past. It was fine. Doesn't make sense that they just had Quicksilver go home like that.

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