Monday, March 31, 2014

Best Rainy Day Trip

Saturday I bussed down to Philadelphia to spend the day hanging out with Jenica, Carol and Ryan.

The first stop of the adventure was Philadelphia's famed Federal Donuts (where, if you were wondering about the logo, you can also buy fried chicken—like it says under the logo).

The establishment's treasure are its fried-to-order fresh hot donuts.

But the room temperature donuts aren't so bad, either.

Philadelphia stuff:

Then we went to the Mutter Museum to see its famous collection of medical abnormalities. Photos aren't allowed inside the museum and I didn't even remember to take a picture of the outside of the museum, but here's the outside of the building around the corner from the Mutter.

Then I got to spend some personal time at that museum with the steps.

Later that day we'd be talking about movies set in Philadelphia and the only one I could name would be The Sixth Sense.

Wouldn't dream of it.

I actually didn't see the Korea exhibit. I felt like they over-sold it a little.

Some of the stuff I did see, though.

Then we reconvened for lunch/dinner at Los Gallos, a place Carol had researched up.

The mood struck me to try their Torta Cubana. I am grateful for that mood. It was a very, very good monster.

And, when unwrapped, discovered to be much larger than I had dared to fear.

The tacos al pastor weren't at all shabby, either.

Then we went and watched Ryan headline at the Helium Comedy Club. (No pictures allowed!) After his set we met with local Ryan fans in the green room to ask Ryan the questions he must be asked all the time.

Look at me, I'm in a green room! (And posing for my Presidential Portrait)

And then it was time to go wait for my bus and then ride on my bus home to New York. The bus entered the city through Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. I've never had a Chinatown Bus approach Manhattan so sneakily. What an exciting way to end a good day.

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