Monday, March 03, 2014

Best I Was Hungry and I Was Cold, So I Went to Los Angeles

I was tired of being so cold and cabin-fevered in New York, so I ran over to Los Angeles last week. I am still here. This is what I've eaten so far:


First stop on the way over from LAX, Collin took me back to Yaki's, an unimpeachable corner hamburger stand in Burbank.

We split a pastrami burger and some fries and we each had a bulldog.

What's a bulldog? An egg roll with a hot dog and cheese inside of it. It is ten times better than you can imagine. And I know you think it sounds kind of gross right now.

For dinner, Grandma, Collin and I met up with Aunt Louise and Uncle Bob at Yang Chow.

Here are some furtive iPhone photos from our frenzied eating of the hot and sour soup, slippery shrimp, and my fortune.

Then, under cover of darkness, Cher and Collin and I went to Eagle Rock for tacos from Rambos Tacos and Tacos Leo.

From Rambo I got an al pastor taco, a carnitas taco, and a steak taco.

They were very nice to me.

Then we walked a few feet up the street to try Tacos Leo.

I got two steak and two al pastor and I am sorry to say that the guacamole salsa on each taco bummed me out. Tacos al pastor need red salsa and that's just a rule for more.

They made Collin a real nice-looking quesadilla, though.

We went another few feet up the street for refreshments at 7-11. I got a Bang because I'm in California.

Cher had an Abba Zabba and it matched her outfit.

There is Horchata energy drink in California. Huh.

For lunch Friday we took Grandma to Mom's Tamales, which might be the best restaurant in the world.

We had a platter of various tamales.

And a platter of carnitas sopes.

But seriously, really, the carnitas sope (described by Grandma as "like an English muffin") from Mom's is one of the best foods. I had to order another. I had to.

Also ordered (and eaten) a steak taco, a beef taquito.

A chile relleno.

And a quesadilla.

Again: Mom's Tamales. Best Restaurant in the World? It's up there.

Then it rained a little.

That night I met back up with Collin and Mallory and Russell and friends and Mallory's sister and brother-in-law for some bonkers sushi rolls.

Just signs all over explaining the bonkers sushi rolls.

At this meal I just sat back in my chair and let the experts order. I do not remember well what these rolls were, but I do know that I liked them a lot.

Then we dipped over to Scoops for ice cream. I had the brown brown bread and, uhm, another flavor. Horchata! That's what it was.

And THEN for second dinner Collin and I met up with Keith and Matt at the original Tacos Leo. Oh man. When I drove up to this abandoned gas station turned taco wonderland I knew I had pulled into heaven.

I mean, look at this operation!

I got two tacos al pastor, I should have had eight. The best (even if they weren't very charred).

Followed by a chorizo taco that made me want to punch through a brick wall and a steak one, too.

Just chowin down taco velociraptor style.

Look at these Disney Imagineer-quality touches on the truck.

I'd live here. Can I live here? No, not right here? Ok. Thanks anyway.

Filled with power, we went to get roastbeef sandwiches at Top Round but it had just closed.

So we got dessert #2 at SK Donuts, a nearby donut shop we found using our iPhones. Home of the Skronut!

But the normal donuts were absolutely excellent.

When asked if his donuts were delicious, wise man behind the counter said "All donuts are delicious. It is up to the person to like them." #wisdom

Then Saturday afternoon a Kogi truck was in Pasadena. The rain scared everyone away. There was absolutely no line.

Kogi Dog.

Spicy Pork Taco, Shortrib Tacos.

The Pac Man Burger.

Black Jack Quesadilla.

Smothered Burrito!

(Don't worry, that was food for four people)

Ok I regret not getting a picture of this restaurant. But for dinner Saturday night we went down to San Gabriel to eat at Lucky Noodle King with Lauren and Trevor.

They started us off with some pickled cabbage and peanuts.

We had crushed cucumbers in garlic sauce.


Wontons in Chili Oil.

Absolutely epic Dan Dan Noodles.

And Chong Qing Chicken. I love Chong Qing Chicken.

This was what was left on the plate after we ate all the chicken.

Ok, then we drove up to Twohey's for dessert.

And by "dessert" I mean first we ordered onion rings.

And then we had some nice bittersweet hot fudge sundaes.

Our table-mate Trevor was edgy and got the Belgian Waffle. Edgy.

And then, Sunday, Grandma cooked me a roast beef dinner, and it was the best.


Mom said...

Grandma IS the best!

mjp said...

Amazing. Welcome back to California. I'm jealous (and hungry) every time I read your blog.