Thursday, April 03, 2014

Best My Slow March Towards Fame Continues Ever Onward

A little while back I got an email from a friend of friends asking if I'd want to write something for the second issue of her rock and roll zine, "My Burning Eyes." The email went into more detail than that, but really all someone has to ask me is "Do you want to write somethi...." and my answer will be "Yes." So after some email brainstorming I settled in to write about my experience in January seeing a band that had been on the bill at the first concert I ever, ever went to back in 1994. (I'm not naming the band here for anti-Googling purposes and because I had a nice time once meeting their singer here in New York, so you could consider that a spoiler as to how the story ends. And starts.)

Just last week I received my limited edition florescent orange copy of My Burning Eyes #2.

Have to say I was impressed. Lots of good stories and some really nice photos, all printed on high quality paper. I know, maybe that sounds like some pretty faint praise, but I mean it. I stand by this product as being Good.

To not cheapen my art (as artitsts sometimes say) I won't be posting my piece online but here's a picture of the first page...can you believe there's THREE more pages just like it after this one? Well, not just like it, they have different words.

You can order My Burning Eyes #2 (and #1, if you're a completist) here. BUT I've also got a few copies I'm willing to part with for the right price (probably just an expression of interest if you live in New York). The zine is worth grabbing just for Shane Holmes' story of seeing Def Leppard and Whitesnake in Albania alone.

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sarah said...

I'd be happy to see Def Leppard just about anywhere.