Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Best Trying Out My Christmas Presents

Kristen and Cory gave me Lightroom for Christmas (because Cory may or may not possibly work for the company that might make it, maybe) and I've been clicking on it. Here's some pictures from a walk across the Manhattan Bridge I took a few weeks ago and then a few from this most recent weekend. As someone who eschews Instagram filters, I have not decided how I feel about going deep on Lightroom with my Leica. Isn't the idea of a camera kind of to use the pictures it takes? Why make them look so old and worn out? Well . . . maybe because sometimes it looks cool? Anyway, here is some fiddling around I did. Maybe I'll fiddle more. Or maybe I'll just adjust my white balance and exposure and shadows and leave it at that.

1 comment:

sarah said...

I really like the one taken through a chain link fence overlooking the street. Very cool.