Thursday, January 16, 2014

Best Public Honoring

First let me just say that the slideshow features in iPhoto and iMovie and Lightroom and on YouTube are all impossible to work with. I've been up all night just trying to make a slideshow with only five slides that lasts for seven minutes where I can choose how long each slide is displayed. Apparently this is not a thing that is possible to do in 2014.

Anyway . . .

As you might remember, from being there or reading it here, I gave a speech at Greg and Becky's Wedding Lunch in November. I recorded the speech on my iPhone and have now listened to it enough times to be comfortable with my voice and inflections and the speech in general so I'm ready to share it with the world! Via Soundcloud. After you click "Play" please enjoy the five photos that go along with the speech. Sure, it would be better if I had photos for each anecdote and maybe some photos of when everyone was kids, but I don't. These are the photos! This is the speech! I promise if you listen to the end it's worth it for a candid moment with my audience.

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