Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Best Before and After the Wedding

You've seen what happened at Greg's wedding, but I know you've been asking yourself: What happened before the wedding? And what happened after the wedding? Well, now I'm going to tell you.

Well, first of all I flew to Salt Lake.

Got there the same time as Dad and Emily. Emily rented an Economy Four-door. Which turned out to be an Economy Two-door. And very economical.

First morning I find Walker making brownies with dad.

I made this block tower but I did not put the centipede on it.

Went out into Utah that morning to get stuff for the day. And the next day.

I was with Mom. Note the XL Turkey Frying machines on the left.

I can hardly ever handle going into a Costco. And also I hardly ever go into a Costco.

Light pre-lunch at El Pollo Loco because I could.

Then Emily and I went and toured a certain giant and awesome building belonging to a certain major tech company where Cory works. But I'm being discreet and won't say what the company was.

They had nice rugs, though.

And interesting interactive information walls.

And the world's largest lava lamps.

A basketball court with a view of everything.

Ball-racing in the stairwell.

Music room on the second floor.

"Billionaire Boys Club" (right side, three rows down) is not a band. It's a brand. 

The people speak.

Third floor game room.

To the cafeteria for real lunch. Wish I got something I could have put fry sauce on.

Had a very nice stroganoff instead.

Emily knows baloney when she hears it.

But I'm NOT saying Cory was telling us a bunch of baloney. No, he was telling us interesting and true things.

Would you believe me if I told you I took this picture?

Additional art.

Dear Company that We Visited: I would move to Utah to take any job in your building. Any at all. I wouldn't even have to be Dragon Master (right away). I'd even run the bicycle garage.

Back at the house that night, family game time.

We had pre-wedding family dinner. Here the Bunkers get to know Greg's in-laws to be.

Grandma continues strengthening ties with her great grandchildren.

Stool racing.

Uncle Bob turns gag gifts into fashion statements.


Something funny in some old book.

Tough Uncle, Tough Niece.

Last hours of bf/gf.

The morning after the wedding I drove Afton to the airport real real early.

Came home, Dad was playing cards with Ellie.

That night we went to a big Condie family reunion in Holladay. 

And before flying back to New York I spent a little time with Cindy and Jared and Jared's famed deviled eggs.

And that, Dear Readers, is what happened before and after the wedding. More or less.

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sarah said...

Has it been determined yet if the girls were indeed flowergirls?