Thursday, January 30, 2014

Best I Was a Babysitter.

As previously kind of mentioned, there was this one day during Christmas break where I stayed home and took care of Walker for a few hours. It was just a few hours! No big deal! But the fact that I volunteered to do it a couple of weeks in advance really let it build up and it kind of became a real agenda item that I was going to be babysitting my nephew for a little bit while everyone went downtown.

Basically all we did was go get lunch at Taco Bell. And Wendy's. I was wearing a hat so Walker wore a hat. Listen, I didn't do this to be cute or funny. He just wore a hat too, okay?

Having previously eaten tacos with Walker, I thought it'd be wise to tape him start his. In this video you'll see that he stops short of starting his taco to tell me to eat mine, but then he eats his.

And in this video we watch Walker eating the remnants of his taco at the end of his lunch. Just before I started recording he had said that his spread out food was a sandwich. So that's why I'm asking him if he's eating a salad or a sandwich, to try to make him make the same observation again. But then at the end of the video he surprises all with another keen observation.

Then we came home and I was lying on the couch and Walker bounced on my stomach for fifteen minutes before climbing onto my head and bouncing on it. Down at the bottom there's a video I posted on Instagram and Facebook, but also a rarely seen video of activity which occurred before the "famous" video. 

And that's it. That's my babysitting. The important thing about it was Walker didn't need his diaper changed. But if he had? No big deal. I've changed lots of diapers. Just ask Owen and Greg.

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