Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Best I Ran On Down to Nashville

Thursday night I got a call from Jeff down in Tennessee and he said "Are you coming to watch the Super Bowl or what?" Glanced at Kayak, saw very cheap fares, considered the fact that I hadn't been invited to any New York Super Bowl parties, and booked that flight.

Arrived in Nashville to find it practically warm.

Went straight over to Prince's because that's what it's about when I go to Nashville.

Place was hoppin.

While waiting for my order I ran out for my chocolate milk and picked up a few local specialties. I'm a Brim! Need to investigate my family tree to learn more about its snack-making branch.

As it was nearly the 5th anniversary of my first trip to Prince's, I ordered the Extra Hot again.

This time I attacked it and ate until it was almost all gone. That's one way to win at spicy food: Just keep eating, it prolongs the impact. Chicken was still like gasoline and fire ants, but I crushed it. I don't mean to brag! But I now know I perform at a fully Extra Hot level.

Everyone else had lovely pain-free and delicious medium or mild meals.

Oh, did I eat my bread? Absolutely not. No way.

Jeff's roommate Ryan bought an extra order of Extra Hot "for the table" and learned a rough lesson.

This isn't a scream. This was Jeff's expression for a few minutes after a couple of chomps on the Extra Hot. The guy in the hat back there told us he had worked on Man vs. Food and how the Extra Hot absolutely rocked host Adam Richman. 

Our battlefield, basically all done.

Goodbye, Prince's! I'll love you forever.

That night: Sushi with a whole bunch of good Nashvillians.

On Sunday I ran into my Aunt Afton who happened to be in town and hung out with her for some of the afternoon.

Then I went with Jeff and Noelle to shoot some potential engagement photos a stairway.

Can't show you any of those picture right now, though.

But I'd have to say this picture from an elevator was my favorite of the day.

That night: the Super Bowl. I ate so stinkin much and then ate all the leftovers. And I watched the football.

Monday: More regional specialities.

Went to the Frist to check out their great Norman Rockwell exhibit . . . no photos allowed in the exhibit, but just google image search every Rockwell painting and you'll get the idea. Really liked it. I like how Rockwell seems to be held in much better regard these days and is no longer viewed as purely sentimental.

Then we sat in this hotel that used to be a train station for a bit. 

And then I went to the airport. And then my flight was delayed. And then it was cancelled. But at least I found this little nook where all the outlets are.

That night: Dinner at the famous Loveless Cafe. Known for its two-hour waits on weekends, Monday night wasn't super busy.

Famous biscuits.

Southern Sampler.

And then it was Tuesday and I went back to the airport and this time I was actually able to fly back to New York.


Apparently I missed some snow while I was gone.

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The Rascal said...

I tell you this, any fool can see that’s a good fun time. That Southern Sampler looks delicious.