Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Best Thoughts, Best Words, Best Actions

Tuesday Night: A trip to the Hammerstein Ballroom.

I was there with Kim to see Franz Ferdinand. It seemed like the appropriate way to see a pivotal member of the old 12th Street Guitar Hero Fancier's Association off as Kim is leaving New York for the west. Sigh. I think all of the spirit of NYC '06/07 will be gone when Kim boards her JetBlue flight out of here. Oh well. So it goes. 

I'm not going to bore you with opening bands. Suffice it to say: There were two opening bands and they played mercifully short sets.  It was a school night! Give me my headliner and get me home!

Franz took the stage at 9:15 on the dot and they rocked us straight through to 10:30'ish.

It was a tight and tremendous set, all killer, no filler, as they say. With four fine albums under their belts, they have can jam a great big setlist full of nothing but crowdpleasing numbers.



Now let me introduce you to some of my neighbors during the show. This woman was videotaping herself making the most intense duckface for the entire show. Yes, for the entire show she had her arm up like this, recording herself. Except for when she watched YouTube videos on the phone in her right hand. OooKaaaay, as they say.

And this woman was drawing the show the whole time. Drawing it! Very patient with the jostles of her fellow showgoers.

Neighbor Not Pictured: Diminutive and scrappy bulldog of an off-duty officeworker that stared down a thuggish fellow and his girl after they butted in front of him in the middle of the set until they left. Good job, dude, for standing up for concert decency.

Pictures, cont'd.

Franz concluded their three-song encore with Outsiders, which I had forgotten was how they often closed shows. There's this neat thing where they all stand around the drum set together and beat it as one. You might remember it from 2006.

Thank you, boys, for a might fine night.

Okay, everyone go home.

ESSENTIAL ADDITIONAL READING: Do you remember the time we all went and saw Franz play for free at the Hammerstein one afternoon in 2006? And after the set the band hung out with us? Relive the Magic!! At least come visit the link to see the picture of Bob and me together.

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