Thursday, October 17, 2013

Best Party Trip to DC

Just like I warned you I would, Friday I hopped on a bus down to DC.

My first stop in the District? The Bojangles in the union station basement. Last time I was here I stood in line for 45 minutes without getting anything. This time i walked right up and got fed.

Trust in fried chicken you can buy by the cardboard suitcase. 

Might just looks like a couple of drumsticks and a biscuit but it tasted like absolute heaven. Best fried chicken in ages! 

DC was rainy. People were hitching rides all over the place. 

That night I went with Carol to see a taping of Doug Loves Movies. 

With guests Kate Micucci, Riki Lindhome, Tigg Notaro and Sam Levine.  

"Let me see your nametags!"

Next day: Got to Arlington all on my own. With a lil help from friends. But kind of all on my own. 

Was there in time for food truck lunch at conference. Great big line for the Asian taco truck. 

Far shorter line for barbecue (truth be told, took this picture much later in the afternoon. But in real life the line was shorter for barbecue)

Met up with Carol and started making new friends like crazy.

With folks like Debbie

And Matt. Who I'd met before, but I didn't realize I shared such similar opinions on Mortal Kombat with until this trip.

Saw New Yorkers, too.

At last, my tacos.

Sat at the cool table.

After lunch, explored Arlington.

Then rested my weary legs at maison du Chat

Then it was time to go back to the church and do what I had been hired to do: Bring the party.

It was hard to get into the building.

And once I did, there were clues of cleverness.

Large room transformed into party space, here it is, empty. About to get rocked.

Eliza helped make sure the room would be suitable for dancing.

I had a quick rootbeer before hunkering down for the night.

Next time I looked up from my laptop the room looked like this.

Thanks to Instagram, I know what I looked like that night. I looked like I was writing letters.

How did the dance go? Oh, let me just modestly say it was probably the best dance that building ever had. Which doesn't sound so cool when you type it out.


Went back into the District, stood in line a loooong time. The post-midnight crowd could really use an express lane.

Next Day: Sunday. Church was held in a High School. Lunch was held in the lunchroom.

I may or may not have been under obligation not to post a photo of this reunion with an old friend from high school days. Lisha, does it count as not breaking the obligation if I just don't use your name and then no one knows who this is a picture of? Let me know.

The thing about the High School is it's the High School from Remember the Titans. Same High School, different building, but still the same High School. This is something they will not let you forget.

Back to the District!

Walked to Union Station once more, raised $.02 for Breast Cancer Research.


Headed back north to my city home.

City home!*

*C'mon, I mean it figuratively. You know I don't live in the Empire State Building.

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