Monday, October 14, 2013

Best Other Weeklong Try Out

Following my time with the Ricoh GR, I borrowed another pocketable powerhouse, the Sony RX100, for a weeklong tryout. Here's some of my favorite pictures I took with it:

The first thing I noticed about the RX100 is that the autofocus is stupendously fast. Nearly instantaneous, something I'd never experienced with a point and shoot before. It definitely has the GR beat in that regard. 

Next, the RX100 is tiny, truly front of your pants pocketable. In fact, it was so small I sometimes wished for a little more to hold onto when shooting with it. My right hand had to hold it like I was pinching it with a lobster claw when shooting. The GR is about the opposite, two big to really want in my pocket, but felt perfect in my hand. 

A frustration I had with the GR was that, left to the device's own devices, it only ever wanted to shoot at f/4, no matter the light conditions, and would just crank up the ISO if needed. The RX100 was like the opposite, it loved shooting wide open at f/1.8 (more than a full stop faster than the GR's f/2.8 max aperture) but was very reluctant to bump up the ISO, causing me to miss about as many shots as I had lost to the GR's slower focussing. I tried remedying this by keeping the shutter speed set to higher speeds, but Auto-ISO was still rather cautious. 

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