Thursday, November 15, 2012

Best Shoulder to the Wheel Supplement

Not one to rest on his 150k view laurels, Josh has uploaded a second Rockaways video, a compilation of Bonus Interviews.

Helping Hands Bonus Interviews from Joshua Brown on Vimeo.

"When we showed up and said 'We're here to help' they were like, 'God bless you.'  Uhm . . . what'd he say?  'Prepare yourself!' or something, to work in the basement."

But not only am I featured in an interview, my favorite moment of the day has been captured for everyone to see: The time that I told an Army guy what to do.

The trade off?  I'm also captured doing absolutely nothing as the women do the heavy lifting.

JB and Broek both get their moment to speak after their silent hard work was featured in the first video.

Alpha tells it like it is on the train tracks,

And Vanessa breaks down the financials of the day.

All in all, another great video.  I'm heading back to the beach this weekend, you should come too!  Holler at me if you want to know how you can help out.


Damian said...

Broek is a beautiful women, but how did she figure out how to wear a hoodie sideways?

Damian said...

spelling mistake roast "woman"