Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Best New Kitchen Experiment

Because I love learning and growing and eating, I began an experiment this weekend: making my own kimchi.

The ingredients:

Cabbage that spent the night mingling with salt and sugar.

Korean chili powder, sugar, scallions, carrots, soy sauce, fish sauce, so much ginger and garlic and a few salted shrimp. Salted shrimp?

Salted shrimp.

All right, I'll see what you turned into in two weeks. (I already know this is not the right container to be using)

What I'm going to do with my kimchi: eat it with roasted pork, eat it with Brussels sprouts and bacon, make stew with it, make fried rice with it, eat it straight and eat it often.

1 comment:

MJP said...

Preparing kimchi in November (to last through the winter) is called gimjang and is an important Korean tradition. Sort of like canning fruit in the summer used to be here. So you're starting your experiment at an auspicious time.

Best of luck!