Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Best Putting the Shoulder to the Wheel Video

By now there's a very good chance that if you read my blog you've probably also seen Josh Brown's video of the Rockaways clean up from Sunday.  But I'm posting it here anyway:

But I'd also like to include my own screenshot commentary to the video.  I tried to get these up in chronological order, but there might be a few that are off.

I was in charge of this bus.  I made sure everyone got their gloves and vest, sat down, made it back from the bathroom, paid attention and understood what was going to be happening when we got to the Rockaways.  on the left I can see my friends JB, Micah, Jesse, Emily and Suzi. 

Josh shot this through the front window of the bus, standing right in front of me.  I was in the front of the bus because I was the boss.

This typewriter was in the yard of the first house where we worked.  That's our gear sled behind it.  We nearly left it behind when we moved on to our second house.  

Here Emily crosses the living room of the first house we worked in.

If you had the means, double-gloving was a good idea.  The gloves were very not water-proof.

And now she looks at cups in the kitchen.

Another view of the same kitchen.

Now this first guy that Josh interviewed, I believe his name was Steve and he was running the show at our first house.  But I'm pretty sure he was actually the across the street neighbor.  

And this man either lived next door or was friends with the people next door, we helped them empty out their garage.

I did not work with nor did I meet these Elders but I like them.

Here's JB working in the basement of our first house.  He was in town from France that weekend, making it a competition between him and Kelley in town from Seattle for volunteer who had traveled the furthest to help out, both were on our team, so what a team we had.

A major part of the work on our first house was passing things through the window and then taking them to the curb.

Here are several members of my group walking up the driveway of our first house.  We also emptied the neighbor's garage.

You all know Claire, right?

After emptying out our first basement we then removed the floor.  Here Micah helps carry out a piece of the floor.  Or maybe a piece of wall?

And here we go!  There's me!  Pulling stuff out the window.

And there I am again, just standing around outside the window.

A good shot of our first basement towards the beginning of our work there.  Along with the owner's neighbors and friends we completely emptied it, took everything out including the floor (I'm just going to keep saying that).

And you all know Broek, right?

And here I am again, standing outside the basement window, making jokes with Brad and Kait.

Day is done.  My friend Cliff, who is a bishop now, is the smiling fellow in the middle.  It was a tremendously rewarding day.

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Sara said...

Thanks for this post, Brigham. Great video, great pictures.