Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Best Brig Loves Doug Loves Movies

Monday night I went with Neighbor Di to a live taping of Doug Loves Movies, a humorous podcast where host Doug Benson and a panel of comedians and/or-ish celebrities talk about movies and play movie-related games.

Who would be the night's mystery guests?  The stools sit so empty and ominous.  

First host Doug came out and showed the contents of the evening's prize bag . . . and from this picture can you tell that we had front row seats?  Yeah.  We had front row seats!  All you have to do is show up a half hour before the doors open and then you get front row seats.

After his intros out come the guests and the humorous movie-discussing begins!  Left to Right: Nick Kroll, Kurt Metzger, John Hodgman and Tig Notaro.

There was a funny part where Tig had asked for a frozen drink . . . meaning she wanted a drink that was frozen solid . . . but they brought her a slushy drink.  Uh oh!

When it was time for the Leonard Maltin Game (best short description I can give: it's Name That Tune, but with movies) the audience offers up their humorous nametags, hoping for a shot to win the prize bag.  

This is what it looks like then the guests select a name tag to play for.  This is what you gain from watching Doug Loves Movies tape instead of just listening to it.  You get to know what it looks like when they select name tags.

And here's what it looks like at the end of the Leonard Maltin Game when Doug waits and waits for the winner to come and claim their prize bag.

While not selected, I feel we made a good name tag.  See, it says "Life of Di" instead of "Life of Pi" and the tiger is eating Di.  If I were a comedic semi-celebrity I would have picked this.

Here's a funny thing that happened at the end where Tig wanted to sell her frozen drink for twelve dollars but this woman only had eight dollars so Tig wouldn't give it to her.

Fun Fact: Monday night's Doug Loves Movies was my first of two comedy outings this week.  Sometimes you go years without any comedy and other times you see comedy twice in a week!  What a world.

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