Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Best East Village Saturday Night

This post starts with a dog and ends with a kitty.  Just be ready.

In my last post I mentioned a party of DC'ers coming up to help with the Sandy clean-up.  I met them in the East Village as they were arriving in the city to grab dinner at the Noodle Bar.

Well, a party of six does not simply "grab" dinner at the Noodle Bar on a Saturday night.  Hour and a half wait?  Sure, no problem.  We'll stay busy.

"Staying busy" meant walking down to the Big Gay Ice Cream Shop

Where Ben treated us to a Salty Pimp, an American Globs and the Mexican'affo'gayto.


Kat's expression sums up the group's general feelings re:the Mexican sundae,

But the Globs and Salty Pimp were enthusiastically received.

A little more East Village walking and a little more Momofuku-waiting and it was time for dinner.

Having had nearly two hours to make up our minds, Eliza was ready with our order when we were seated.

A little more waiting . . .

Then Blam! Food!

Jar of pickles, I cannot resist it.  But this time I could resist drinking the pickle juice.  Gosh.  I'm embarrassed even suggesting that that's a thing I wish I could do.  But it's true!  That particular pickling concoction, I could drink it right up!

Roasted Nugget Potatoes, bonito, poached egg, etc.

I finally got to try the Roasted Brussels Sprouts with bacon and kimchi puree.  When my kimchi is done I'm going to make this and really roast the heck out of my little cabbages.

Return of the Barbecued Pig Tails (with pickled Asian pear)!  I suggested these enthusiastically, then lost interest after trying to sell the table on them, only to find the table convinced and nearly insistent.  I pitch them as they were pitched to me, comparing them to chicken wings, but made of pork.

And then, not pictured, two bowls of Momofuku Ramen and a Ginger Scallion Noodle.

Faces of dining,

Then it was over to the Milk Bar with us to celebrate the return of the Apple Pie cakeball and to sample the new and controversial 'Nana 'Nilla softserve flavor.

And, as forewarned, I conclude this post with a picture of a kitty.  And a job I think I could do.

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Rick Wilcox said...

Enjoyed reading your post. The food didn't look that good to me, however.