Thursday, April 12, 2012

Do You Remember the First Time . . .

. . . that I saw Pulp?  It was on Tuesday.
Now let me tell you about the second time I saw them.  It was on Wednesday.

Why'd I go back?  Because life is for living, money is for spending, and it's hard to say "No" to fourth row seats.

I brought my Leica this time.  Took so many pictures I killed the battery.  Here's a few:

Okay, here's the real story of how I got there: A certain Pulp over-enthusiast, now living in Alabama, texted me Wednesday morning to ask if I'd see Pulp again.  I responded "Of course I would" thinking I was being asked in the abstract.  Then I remembered who I was dealing with and realized I was being asked in the concrete.  Turns out she was so sickly jealous to be missing the shows that she bought a plane ticket to New York at 3 am Wednesday morning, called in sick and flew up here without tickets to the sold-out concert.  Frantic craigslisting lead to the miraculous landing of two seats in row DD (fourth row, not counting the orchestra pit) for Face Value.  So return I did.  The show was excellent, setlist was a tiny bit different, and the crowd was a little different, too: full of old people.  Meaning white hairs, wheel chairs.  Help the Aged, indeed.

Really, rock shows don't get much better.


kieren said...

I love that this story just made me miss that sweet, crazy, weirdo imp Amber Furst. I love her. I love that she did this. Hope you had fun at Pulp. Hope Jarvis rocked your socks off.

Mitch said...


Bek said...

if you can dream it, you can do it.