Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Best Easter Weekend, pt. 2

Sunday!  Easter time!  Walked home from church with Lexia and Adam.

Then went up to 109th Street for an Easter gathering at Kristin/Vanessa/Lauren/Jessica's.

They did up their secret patio so nicely.

Just a portion of the spread.

I brought carrots, for the Easter Bunny.  So did two other people.  Which dish is mine?  Let's just say it looked like a lot more food before I cut mine into pieces.


Jen and Tim.


Jen and Ty, sharp as a knife.

Kristin.  My boss.  At tutoring.

Easter pants.




Monica, for the win.

Then I ran downtown to the end of the island for a gathering at Micah and Adam's house.

Micah and Steph.

Adam.  (Note: We are not in a bedroom.  We are in a living room.  This is New York.)

Andrea.  So happy to do dishes.

And that's my Easter weekend.

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Kristin Lea Robinson said...

Thank you for posting this made me real happy.