Monday, April 23, 2012

Best Movie of the Spring!

I saw The Gang's All Here at the Film Forum Saturday night.  It was completely nuts.

It's a Busby Berkeley movie with Carmen Miranda in it.  I had never seen a Busby Berkeley movie or a Carmen Miranda movie, let alone a movie with the two of them combined.  Instead of trying to describe it myself, let me share some quotes from reviews of the movie (all stolen from the Film Forum website):

"SENSES BOGGLING! Time and again, you can’t believe what you’re witnessing" - Time Out New York

"Some sort of apotheosis in vulgarity" - Time Out London

"Utterly deranged!" - New York Magazine

"A TECHNICOLOR FREAK-OUT! Gang is the apotheosis of fruitiness." - Village Voice

"Like a male hairdresser’s acid trip"- the Film Guide

The Gang's All Here runs through Thursday night.  I 100% recommend it.  It is a four star film, in it's own  very special way.  I tapped my toes, I clapped at the end of numbers, I moaned at some jokes and laughed at others and in the end, I could not believe what I had just witnessed.

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