Monday, April 09, 2012

Best Easter Weekend

The Friday/Saturday/Sunday that just happened?  Really not so bad.  Let's sprint through it!

Friday afternoon I had lunch at Jin Ramen on Broadway at 125th Street.  I'm going to say something bold: Jin Ramen at Broadway and 125th is the Best Ramen in the City! (And this is coming from a guy that's had ramen at three other establishments in the past 5 years)  If you go, whatever you do, do not skip the fried chicken appetizer! I can also recommend both the Miso and Spicy Tonkotsu ramens, but you probably can't do wrong with anything there.

Then I met up with Jeff and Chaunte and Alpha at St. Patrick's Cathedral for the Stations of the Cross.  I haven't been to Catholic church for 12 or 13 years, it is always interesting to me.

After that we grabbed a train and spent an hour or so at the Whitney Biennial.  Hard to believe this is my fifth Biennial.  Still haven't seen one as good as 2004 or 2006.

It is unclear to me whether or not photos are allowed at the Whitney, but I dared sneak one in the lobby.

Then we slipped up to 116th Street for tacos at El Aguila.  With Alyssa!

Then, after eating a couple of tacos and some pan dulce, I ran down to the Noodle Bar for Emily's Fried Chicken Job Quittin' celebration.

Saturday morning I woke up with a terrible Chicken hangover.  The light was good, though.  So I went outside for a walk.

Congratulations on your luxury apartment with the Park sign on the side of it, dude.

Are the Grahams in town?

Had lunch at Peep.

Before going home I saw an old movie called Ruggles of Red Gap at the Film Forum and I liked it.

You know what, I have a lot more pictures from the weekend.  I'm going to split this post in half.  See you tomorrow.

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