Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Best Doing Whatever Common People Do

Went with Di to see Pulp tonight at Radio City Music Hall.  It was their first New York show since June of 1998.  It was so good.  Rewatching the videos I took (I'm not posting all of them, videos are a pain) I just grin and can't believe I was this show.  Consider it the Alinea of concerts.

(This is the Men's Bathroom, if you couldn't tell)

Several years ago I went and saw the Cramps with Shane and couldn't believe how old (and creepy) the audience was.  These days when I go to shows I can't believe how young (and annoying) the audience is.  But tonight, at this show, I looked around and saw people my age.  People who started college the same time I did, people who took sides in the great Brit Pop War of the mid-90s.  And just when one thinks those days are gone forever, here comes Pulp, sprung back to life and touring.  Jarvis in action was a sight to behold, the exact sight you'd expect to be, and that was the miracle of it.

Our seats were decent, I got a few acceptable photos and some worthwhile videos.  The set was long, nearly 2 hours, they played every song conceivable (except for Help the Aged) and then some.

Jarvis is not one to not talk with the crowd.  If you're in the mood, here's 48 seconds of him talking at us, delivered after the first two songs of the set.

I can't remember what song was playing with each picture but I do remember that this was Sorted for E's & Wizz

Balcony antics on the other side of the hall making everybody jealous.

Several songs after making our side of the Hall jealous with his earlier balcony antics, Jarvis made his way to the top balconies right above our seats.

They closed their main set with Common People.  Of course.  I don't usually use expressions like "bucket list", but seeing Pulp play Common People live, participating in that, that should be on every proper Rock n Roll Bucket List.

Here's the beginning of the song:

And here's the conclusion:

I haven't seen an act be so flawless in its execution and relentless in its awesome since Prince played the Super Bowl.  That isn't some sort of joke.  I'm talking about rock n roll professionalism here.

For setlist and super-enthusiastic comments, check out Brooklyn Vegan.

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Man, what a show that looks to have been.