Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Best Second City's Second Tallest

Several weeks ago I was hanging out in Chicago with my buddy Andrew.  The main thing that we did that needs talking about was eating at Alinea, but it's taking me a long time to find the words.  Until then, can I tell you about our trip to the top of the John Hancock Tower?

Mostly I want to show you all the drained-for-the-winter roof-top pools I saw.  I only know of one apartment building in New York with a pool on top, but in Chicago there seem to be so man.

No pools in this photo, but this is looking North from the tower.

And here, to the West.

And now, to the South.  It's true, the Hancock Building has better views than the Sears Tower.  But the Sears Tower has glass balconies.  It's a tough choice, picking your best tower to go to the top of in Chicago.  Remember, in 2010, when I went up the Sears Tower for the first time in ages?

Some other selling points of the John Hancock tower are that you can pretend to be a window washer.

Or make a silly joke where you pretend to be taking a shower.

And if you're really mad at your money and just want to get rid of it there's a teeny tiny fake ice rink you can skate on.

And also you just might meet one of your literary heroes up there.

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Collin Mapp said...

You're like Batman. Perched above the city making sure all the pools are properly drained for the winter.