Friday, March 09, 2012

Best Dinner of the Year, Every Year

March 8 is my favorite day, not just because it was International Woman Day, but because it's Carol's birthday . . . and that means a big dinner Sripraphai in Queens.*

Problem is this year I was too busy eating to remember to photograph everything.  Sometimes that happens! But here's the happy partiers, well fed and ascending to the subway.

I don't know where everyone will be next year, I don't even want to think about it, but if you're looking for me on March 8, 2013, check 64-13 39th Avenue.

*Not only my favorite day just because of the food.  Come on.  It isn't just about the food all the time.

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Collin Mapp said...

Had I been there, I would raise my goblet high in the air and bark the finest birthday toast into Carol's feasting face. Then I would bathe myself in a Beef Waterfall.

Happy Birthday, Carol, you rascal, you.